Specialized Multiple Advocate Resource Team

The Specialized Multiple Advocate Resource Team (SMART) is an expedited and individualized Social Security Enrollment (SSI and SSDI) program for adults living with physical and/or mental health conditions which severely impair their ability to work. This program and its team have been recognized by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for achieving excellence in the processing of claims for the needy.

SMART specializes in serving two types of disability claims – claims for those experiencing homelessness and those who are currently housed but at risk for homelessness.

Expertly trained Benefits Advocates file claims, work in close collaboration with federal and state partners to ensure timely and accurate processing and provide individualized and tailored community health care referrals to claimants and their families. SMART’s advocates are field-based and in many cases, embedded within our member clinics, providing enhanced access to medical care with a focus on preventative health care measures. This unique partnership between community health clinics, Social Security and Disability Determination services has completed more than 2,800 claims since its inception and achieves five times the approval percentage when compared to the initial federal filing rate—helping to secure health care coverage and a sustainable income for claimants while they are addressing disabling conditions.

Capitol Health Network currently operates SMART in Sacramento County, partnering with Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services-Adult Mental Health; Social Security Administration; Disability Determination Services and El Hogar Community Services. We also partner with CommuniCare Health Centers on their SMART-Y program in Yolo County.

To learn more about the SMART Program contact the Program Manager Elizabeth Kelley (

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SMART Program Forms

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