Community Clinic Support Services

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California’s community clinics often struggle to provide timely access to care because they don’t have enough primary care physicians to meet demand. This diminishes overall quality of care for our most vulnerable populations, poses both financial and regulatory risks for the clinics and managed care health plans that serve them and hampers the ability of employers to ensure a healthy and happy workforce in regions where the clinics are often the only source of primary care.

A major reason for the physician shortage in community clinics is the clinics’ inability to compete for physicians with larger organizations that can offer stronger benefits programs. Key among such benefits is student loan repayment assistance.

California Clinic Support Services (CCSS) is a new, nonprofit, statewide program created to help clinics improve access to care by enhancing their ability to attract and retain diverse, quality primary care physicians. CCSS will do this by raising money from various sources and using the funds to offer three different loan repayment programs for physicians and their clinics.

CCSS’ goal is to assist at least 140 physicians per year, starting in January of 2019, with new cadres of physicians selected for assistance annually. This will enhance or preserve clinical capacity by about 500,000 patient encounters per year per cadre.

Organizations that contribute to these grant programs will receive public recognition and can designate specific geographies and/or clinics where their gifts may be used (or leave it to the discretion of CCSS).

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